Embrace organic farming as much as possible, Organic farming doesn’t pose any threat to the environment and is also an effective solution for adverse climate change

Organic farming doesn’t require pesticides and fertilizers and therefore it is not harmful to your health. Pesticides pollute and degrade grains, vegetables, milk and milk products.

A good way for farmers to increase their income is to embrace organic farming, new generation is very health conscious and as a result the demand for health-friendly organic products is on the rise.

Ensure availability of ample sunshine, water resources and fertile soil at the place where you wish to begin farming and only then proceed. Use both natural and scientific technology for maximum output

Select a crop as per the soil profile, climate and the demand of the final produce at a particular place. After selecting a crop it is equally important to select high quality seeds to ensure success in farming

Now a days various mobile apps are available that inform about the real-time prices of various crops from nearby selling-markets, this can help you plan your sale/purchase of the farm produce and will also protect you from the exploitation from middlemen

Not all insects are harmful for the agriculture, various insects and microbes keep the soil loose and aerated which makes the farming natural and improves the quality of produce

Inspection of soil at regular intervals should be done to know about the deficiency of important minerals like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus etc. and it will help you in making a choice of appropriate fertilizer; soil health card must also be used for soil examination

Make the seeds dry before storing them; if the seeds contain moisture then they become vulnerable for getting infested with pests. Make sure that the moisture content in the seeds is less than 10%. Dry seeds are not infested by most of the common pests.

Rainwater harvesting is a good way to reduce the woes related to scarcity of water. Every year low rainfall and drought render thousands of farmers in huge debt. By harvesting rainwater there is ample availability so much so that sometimes there is no need for an alternative source of water and the water collected this way is clean as well.

Pruning is an important procedure undertaken to make plants look attractive and to increase productivity. However, pruning must be done only after taking out all the fruits from a plant else it can compromise productivity

During pruning, cut the diseased, broken, dry and those branches which are growing in a ventral direction. After you cut a branch apply a mix of ash and dung on the cut portion. Doing so prevents moisture from drying up from a branch and also protects it from various plant-borne diseases