The best marketing for a business is the quality of the product. Whatever is the product or service you are offering, make it so supreme in quality that people are compelled to refer it to others

Never spend more than your income; it might invite tension for you. Know your limits of spending, do a proper estimation and planning of how much you can spend and with hard work and perseverance increase your limit

If you wish to start a business in future then start saving from today itself. You can save a part of your pocket money or salary. Doing so will allow you to not take loans with heavy interests in future and if you will have your own money to invest then you will feel more self-confident

Whenever any customer enters your shop, treat him well, ask him for refreshments. Maintain basic courtesy. Your behaviour with others goes a long way in establishing your business

Computer, internet and other technologies are very important in this time and age. Learn these to enhance your business. Learn social media like Facebook, twitter etc. to connect with other people and increase your business network

Any business needs attention to details. Do a proper planning for any action and do not change your business schemes frequently.

Passion is contagious. If you do you work with full commitment and passion then it will percolate to your employees also. Become a role model for your employees so that they can imitate you

Challenge yourself to improve on a daily basis. Be better today than yesterday. Also improvise your product by innovation so as to beat your competitors

Education opens up your mind towards new horizons. Get your children educated even if you wish them to take up your business in future. Education is a must in every field.

Be modest and humble, do not become proud on becoming successful, pride is a recipe for disaster and will bring a bad name to you in business

True success is when you do not let the other person realise how successful you are. Always wear the attire of humility

Praise and incentivise your employees if they perform well. This will motivate them to work harder than before and they will not only work for pay but for betterment of the company

Do not forget to congratulate other people on their success and achievements, similarly never let go of a chance to console or express your solidarity in somebody’s adverse times

You do not need to have a huge budget to start a new business; there are businesses that can be initiated with a small amount as well but do proper research before taking any action

Do not dislike people for no reason, in business try to remember the names of people whom you meet. Not doing so may enable other person to think that you do not value them

It is important to have a cool head in business. If you are calm and composed then no one will be able to make you angry and miserable and you will be in a much better control of your decisions. It will also give you a stable personality