Make your child and not career your first priority, do not be so busy with your life that you have no time for your children. Try to instil good values and morals in him and make him a noble person. Only a person of good character will make you and this country proud.

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, without mutual trust and understanding any relationship is weak. Make sure that whatever the difficulties or adverse situations you face with your partner it doesn’t affect the bond of trust. Also avoid being suspicious of each other without any reason.

A husband needs to support his wife if she wishes to study or continue her career after marriage. Never impede her progress and do not worry about what the society will say as a lot of times people misguide. An empowered woman is an asset to the nation and is as much capable of contributing as anyone else.

Sometimes during an argument a husband or a wife shouts at each other out of anger. One must understand that whatever is being said is due to heat of the moment and not take it to heart. Treat what the other person says playfully and with time you will also get used to how the other person reacts in a particular situation, it will build understanding in long term

A strong character and restraint are important virtues in married life. Treat your partner with respect and make him or her stakeholder in your important decisions of life. Mutual discussion goes a long way in strengthening a relationship which will convert your home into a paradise

Do not fall for hollow superstitions like horoscope-matching etc. However pre-marital medical check-ups like blood group matching, genetic matching, STD tests are a must. It will prevent any future problems and will keep various grave diseases at bay not just for you but for the future offspring also.

Habituate your children towards meditation; reward them if they do regular meditation. It will help them to attain confidence and stability towards inner peace from a young age

Do not be too strict with your children, if the children are always scared then they will not share anything with you and may go on wrong track in life. Try to be a friend to them

One of the important factors that causes tension in a relationship is not giving time to each other. Husband wife must devote time to each other besides their work. Discuss and take mutual suggestions regarding office and house work.

Marriage is not only with a person but with his or her family also. After marriage respect each other’s parents and other family members and be available for them in thick and thin

Embrace a marriage without any dowry and without any show-off of wealth. We must not adopt bad practices that are prevalent in our society and we should not worry too much about opinions of others and change our stance on the path of righteousness

Mild compromises done in married life are not to be seen as win or loss. Adjustments are the backbone of any successful relationship. Doing these will strengthen your bond with time

Never bring the stress of work to your home, it not only is a reason for frequent quarrels but also has a bad influence on the children. Always keep a smile on the face when you get back home from work even if there is stress

Always see the boy and girl child as equals. Never go for any foetus gender detection tests and advice people near you also not to do the same.

Encourage your child to take up a subject that interests him. Do not put the load of your expectations and ambitions on his tender shoulders and do not force him to take up a profession that you deem fit for him