Drink water as soon as you get up in the morning, never spit out the morning saliva as it has many beneficial bacteria which boost the body’s immunity. This helps fighting against even the most deadly diseases which have no cure. The right place for morning saliva is in the gut and not outside

Prepare food without too much spices, sugar and salt; avoid too much baked or fatty food. Cook the food at the right temperature and do not overcook or repeatedly boil as it destroys the nutrients. Say no to junk food such as burger or pizza and consume a balanced diet full of proteins, minerals and vitamins for good health

Choose fruits and vegetables based on their nutritional value and not how they look. Don’t think that shiny and attractive looking foods are good for health; in fact harmful chemicals are added to make them look attractive which if eaten can cause serious damage to health, never shy away from spending on healthy food items as health is your prime asset

Food should be chewed to an extent it appears like a liquid. If you don’t chew it well then the coarse food particles will put pressure on intestine. Also when you intake liquids then swallow it slowly without jerks just as you swallow a solid slowly, doing so will make your digestive system strong and will boost your health

Meditation is the only cure for psychological & mental ailments. People who practice meditation keep stress and tension at bay. Sitting in meditation also serves as yoga posture furthering health benefits. Meditation boosts mental strength and helps fighting various diseases. Sit in meditation for minimum 2 hours and see how it completely transforms your life.

Eat all your meals before the sunset. During the night time there is a sharp increase in the bacteria and other harmful microbes which can compromise your health.

Drinking water immediately after consuming a meal acts as poison for the body.
Avoid drinking water at least half an hour before and one hour after a meal. It not only impairs digestion but makes the body gain weight. If you feel a strong thirst while eating then take few drops of water in your mouth and keep it for a while to make them warmer and afterwards swallow it slowly. This will quench your thirst and there won’t be a need for drinking a lot of water

Routine meditation can bring positive changes in your DNA which can permanently cure even the non-treatable genetic diseases

For good health, embrace organic fruits and vegetables. This will keep your body free from toxic pesticides and other chemicals. Try to eat as natural as possible.

Feeling good is more important than looking good. Do not resort to excessive dieting to look slim-trim, it might affect your health adversely

If you meditate regularly, a divine glow will reflect on your face which will enhance your inner and outer beauty, you would not require any external cosmetics

If you are a food-lover then keep a vigil on your health. It is necessary to burn the excess food with regular exercises else the body can fall prey to diseases

Routine Sumiran during pregnancy will enable to-be-born child to acquire positive values and also prevent him or her from many diseases

If you want to build a good physique then do not overeat, consumer a balanced diet and have lots of water. Overeating can invite lot of diseases.

Do not consume non-vegetarian food. WHO research has also proved that eating non-veg invites intestinal cancer and other severe diseases. Do not make your stomach a graveyard. You will have to account for every piece of meat that you consume. Be compassionate towards animals.

Smoking and alcohol are not only injurious to your health but consuming these will also compromise your social reputation and once your become addicted then life will be like a hell

Wake up during early hours in the morning. Science has also proved that at this time the concentration of Oxygen is very high which is beneficial for body. It is also important to sleep early in order to wake up early.