True humanity is when you fulfil all your daily responsibilities with honesty and integrity and work side by side for the welfare of others. Whoever does it gets immense happiness.

Only that money is worth which is used for serving the poor and the needy. True richness doesn’t lie in coins but in the heart. If you spend money for serving others it takes away your greed and reduces your attachment to external objects and on top of it you get the reward in the form of internal happiness

It is a good idea to motivate others to live a virtuous life and to make an effort to bring them on spiritual path, however getting rid of your own shortcomings is more important

Some think that the spiritual path is only for old people, there is no guarantee that you will reach old age. Start as early as you can.   Meditation and service done during young age is applauded more by the almighty.

Devote the maximum time you can in service of humanity but make sure that pride doesn’t set in. Do not feel as if you are doing any favour to someone, if you get an opportunity to serve then consider it as a blessing from God and don’t forget to thank him for it

All the religions, races and mankind evolved from one source. All religions give the same message. If you do anything that promotes peace and harmony among religions then it is a huge service to mankind

The meaning of true humanity is when you consider other person’s sufferings as your own. Having love and compassion for others is true humanity. As someone has said kindness is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

Blood donation, body donation, organ donation while living or posthumously are regarded as supreme charitable works. Doing these acts will enable you to receive supreme blessings of the almighty

During the scorching heat of summer season, one must not only think about other human beings but also animals. Keep water on your roof for the birds and for hungry stray animals keep food in the street

Just as the negative power gets stronger in Kaliyuga, the positive power also increases its grace. Today a few hours of meditation is equal to hundreds of years done in previous yugas.

Beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, rather how many people surrounding you are happy because of your efforts

In spirituality, if you stay humble, you will be able to receive his grace. As pride becomes lesser his grace will start flowing more and more.

Alcohol and other intoxicants will dissolve all your humanity in it, for divine bliss it is paramount that you do not consume any drugs

If you keep company of people who serve others selflessly then you will also be inspired to do so, never keep company of bad people

Whenever God fulfils any of your desires then do not forget to thank him profusely. Do not raise more demands. Always ask for God from God

Young man and women of marriageable age must come forward and marry the physically disabled and set new trends in humanity

Those who are ready to help others at every moment, God is always with them at every moment and never leaves them at any moment

The one who is affluent and has everything and still serves selflessly is a man of great grace and fortune. Such a person is a candidate for attaining internal happiness.

When you come to Satsang again and again it motivates you to serve others and also keeps Mind the negative power in check

Just one word of a Satsang if implemented has the ability to completely transform your life for good. Make a point to attend Satsangs on regular basis.

Saints come on earth to remove evils from the society and they do not take rest until they have served their purpose. Their purpose of taking birth in human form is only one.

Carefully listening and implementing Vachans of Satsang in your life will open the doors of immense fortunes in your life and you can attain everything. There is no such think for a Satsangi called bad luck.

Regular meditation, selfless service to humanity and staying modest and humble will enable you to get immense divine bliss and happiness

If you take one step towards serving others then God will take thousands of steps towards you. Service to humanity is service to God

If you see goodness in others then their good habits will come in you and if you criticize others then their bad virtues will come in you and you will have to bear the load of karmas too

Never resort to evil practices to earn money. You might get temporary pleasure but what will await you is lifelong tension and bad times. Money earned this way will take away your internal peace and happiness

Inculcate a spirit of selfless service in your children from a very young age, this will easily enable them to become virtuous when they grow up

If you do true meditation along with services to humanity & God’s creatures, it is like “the icing on the cake”