Being young doesn’t mean to less just less in age. True youth is one that serves the country, the society and the poor. Service to humanity that’s undertaken by youth is rewarded first rate by the God.

Socialising with people who serve others will motivate you to also do the same; the company that you keep greatly influences how you behave. Never keep the company of people who do bad deeds else it might put you on wrong path

Never limit yourself to studies only, take up extracurricular activities like sports, arts, drama etc. Doing so will not only enhance your personality but also will unlock other career opportunities

Never fall into the trap of getting success too early. Work hard with full confidence in your own abilities, Success will come to you and you will get used to working hard

Initial failure in a new venture should not be taken as a defeat but as a sign of future success. Never get disheartened and go on a wrong path and do not let negative thoughts overpower you. Also understand that if you get success too quickly it can also be counterproductive to your growth in long term

Every action is once only a thought. If thoughts become good then deeds will automatically be good. Meditation purifies thoughts.

Those who give their best in every task that they undertake cannot remain aloof of success for long. Failure doesn’t scare those who do immense hard work and later they do not regret anything

Do not keep yourself busy all the time. Do not live life like a robot. Work is important but so is sports, exercise, meditation, self-introspection. So take out time for these activities too.

People are not as affected by your words as they are by your actions. Always do good deeds, become a role model for others and set positive precedent.

Just as a solid foundation is paramount for a building, same way build the foundation of your life on virtues such as compassion, sacrifice, empathy and service. If you do this then no adversity can sink your boat.

When you are young, the mind is strong and it will try its best to pull you towards the negativity, use the gift of the holy words to fight the mind. In this Kaliyuga when you fight mind, the negative power, it is your greatest service to God

Time is like an ocean tide, it waits for no one. The Youth must never waste time and always make best use of it. The best way to spend the time is to spend it in the service of humanity