Social Reformer

His Holiness has taken the responsibility of reforming  tribals, to integrate them with the main stream society. Guruji is also credited for being the founding father of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘5’ Welfare Force Wing (For more information kindly visit : Under’ HIS leadership, there are 73 ongoing humanitarian programs to help humanity.

Unique Leader for Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Whenever a manmade or natural disaster has strut: Guruji has responded in all earnestness. His Holiness wen from door to door in Gujarat following the mega earthquake in 2000, consoling and counseling victims. Whether it is the people trapped under the debris or people mired in poverty relief is dispatched swiftly by Dera Sacha Sauda.


Guruji has taken a laudable initiative to eradicate forced prostitution from society and rescue them from high risk groups. His Holiness accepts them as HIS spiritual foster daughters and arranges treatment for those affiliated by HIV/Alt3$ and other sexually transmitted infections. on Gurujis single call, 1500 young men have volunteered to accept these women as their wives. More than a dozen marriages have already taken place and the families are living in peace. This is a unique initiative because there are practically no avenues that presently exist for the integration of the prostitutes into the social mainstream.

Anti- Female Feticide and Anti- Dowry Campaigner

HE pleads with people to stop sex selective abortions and offers to adopt the unwanted daughters as HIS own spiritual foster children. A special shelter called the abode for Royal Daughters has been established where girls who are orphaned, destitute or rescued from an impending feticicle are housed. The facilities and education provided are world class. Under Guruji’s care, they have gone on to he can we big achievers in academics and sports.

Revered Guruji has given a vision for a truly equal society where gender discrimination shall be totally erased. In His message for population control , Guruji had asked followers to limit their families to one or a maximum of two children. But in this scenario , parents with a single girl child would have no social support in old age; since in India , it is customary for girls to leave their parental dwelling go to their in-laws or husband’s house.The Indian tradition favors male off-springs because it perpetuates lineage and provides social security.
Guruji has given a call to young men , when they have one or more male sibling , to take the revolutionary step of living with their in laws if the family has only one daughter , subject to the mutual consent of both the families.In this way , they shall have a son as security and support and the society shall recognize matrilineal inheritance in harmony with the traditional , patrilineal one.