Meditation helps to reduce stresses; and develops a sense of inner peace, joy and strength. Scientific tests have proved that regular meditation provides the best sort of memory and creativity, and also strengthens our immune system.

On spiritual level, meditation strengthens our intuition, opens our heart, and helps clear out negative thoughts and emotions. And most importantly, meditation strengthens our alignment with our soul, and enables us to discover our true purpose of life. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness. Through meditation, the soul’s powers are unfolded normally and naturally. One of the initial outcomes of true meditation is the enhancement of self-confidence, the improvement of efficiency in daily life, whether at home, office, or in any field of human endeavour. The heightened mental capabilities in the business of living by improved concentration bring notable results.

True Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies. Meditation is a panacea even for the most incurable diseases. Today, more and more doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, help people with asthma breathe •easier, relieve restlessness and, generally, relax the everyday stresses of life. Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance a person’s physical, emotional and mental states. Constant Meditation keeps us healthy, calm and composed; and takes us away from all sorts of worries and tensions of the life, and drives us to follow the path of truth in our life.

On the last Sunday of every month at SIRSA and on every SATSANG, His Holiness, Hazoor Maharaj Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan himself teaches the practical method of True Meditation.

Sacha Sauda Ashram Sirsa is a unique institution for spiritual emancipation, and is not a new sect or religion. It aims at the union of soul with its creator, the Almighty. The reciting of God’s words (divulged by the perfect saint i.e. Sant Satguru) & obtaining salvation in return is the true bargain or ‘Sacha Sauda’. The organization is altogether unique since no gift, alm or donation in any form is accepted. The practical method of meditation is taught without any obligation to attain salvation in this very human life. This practice is very simple and effective; it enhances the confidence and soul power which are difficult to be attained by any other means. In addition to the spiritual elevation, this practice of regular meditation is helpful to overcome the materialistic problems and in the treatment of incurable diseases such as cancer, arthritis, asthma, hypertension etc. Millions of devotees have acknowledged its benefits. This organization is a perfect guiding example of harmony and universal brotherhood amongst the people of different castes and creeds. The inhabitants of the Ashram work with all zeal in the agricultural fields, and the income from the produce is utilized for the social welfare activities and meets the expenses of the organization.


Meditation is a journey deeper into our true self discovering our true destination. True Meditation is about drawing our attention inwards, and allowing our mind to settle into infinite stillness; it is withdrawing one’s attention from the periphery of our consciousness into the center. Doing this enables soul to hold itself steady to perceive God’s Voice and Light, and to become aware of our ultimate purpose – our life’s mission. True Meditation is the science of developing our personality and progressing our soul, fusing our eternal self with the absolute and, finally, finding God within.

True Meditation is the practical technique to experience the truth about God. The goal of meditation is to take our body, emotions and mind into stillness; to integrate them with each other as a unit, and then align them with our higher self or soul. Achieving this stillness creates the energetic field for listening to our eternal self and to God. From this comes an experience of inner peace and tranquility.